LCD or projector for the boardroom?


Avoid the small print: Choosing the right way to display will enhance your presentations.
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In a world where LCD televisions dominate corporate boardrooms, we are often asked if the projector is dead.

The answer is that it depends on what you want to present. If you are showing videos, presenting something on PowerPoint or Skyping, a 60-inch LCD television will fit the bill.

However, if you frequently make presentations using Excel, an LCD television will be too small to show any spreadsheet detail to more than two or three people – a projector and screen would work better. For a similar cost, you can project an image 3 times larger than a 60- inch LCD television and the quality will not be compromised if you follow these tips when selecting your device.

Resolution: SVGA or XGA is fine for general text, data sheets, PowerPoint presentations etc.

Brightness: 3000-4000 lumens are more than sufficient for boardroom use.

Light source: LED – it doesn’t get hot, is brighter than conventional light sources and never needs replacing.

Contrast: Go for an ANSI ratio of at least 1500:1.  Ratios of 2000:1 or higher are considered to be excellent.

Cost: $2500 – $3500 should be sufficient.


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