Sophie Smith’s office …..


“No day is ever the same”: Australian water polo player, and Olympic medalist, Sophie Smith.

Sophie plays water polo for Australia. She won a bronze medal at the London Olympics in 2012 with the women’s water polo team.

Wake up: I’m up at 5:15 and out the door by 5:30 most mornings to be in the pool by 6:30. After training I’m usually starving, as my Up’n’Go before training just doesn’t cut it, so I love having a big brekkie. My go-to is usually a big bowl of muesli, yoghurt and fruit but I also love eggs and avo on toast.

Mid-morning: On hard training days I usually have physio or massage for recovery. A good coffee is also important at this time of day to keep me going after an early morning.

Lunch: No day is ever the same. I might be having lunch on the run between university classes or meeting up with my boyfriend for lunch as I have training until late most nights.

Mid-afternoon: I try and get through some emails and errands.

End of work day: 5pm doesn’t mean the end of the work day. We have our second training session starting at 5pm so I’m in the gym for a weights session. It’s important to be strong in the gym so we can take on opponents in the water.

Evening: Following my gym workout we usually have a water polo skills and tactics session. Training ends between 8 and 9pm. I usually go home and have dinner, then crash for the night about 10pm.

Daily Grind

Mornings are … early but I always feel amazing after a hard training session and ready for  the day ahead

An iPad is … something I’ve always wanted. They are so handy.

Coffee is … delicious and what I associate with catching up with my girlfriends.

Airports are … boring and usually mean a long flight but the amazing destination is worth it. We are very lucky and get to travel a lot with water polo. We spend a lot of time in Europe during their summer.

Newspapers are … hopefully not dying out. There is something special about turning the page of a printed newspaper, it reminds me of Sunday sleep-ins with a yummy breakfast and coffee with my family.

Work is … busy and challenging at times but so rewarding when you get to stand on an Olympic podium.

Offices are … something I don’t see myself working in for a long time.

And if you had to work in an office, what would it look like? Similar to the Google office. A place where I feel inspired and love spending time. A place where I’m constantly learning and being challenged. Where I can get work done but have fun at the same time with people who share my passion.


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