5 Point Online Check To Shortlist Office Fitout Companies.

office fitout checklist

How Google displays search results for office fitout companies depends on many complex and interdependent things. Relevance to your search term, popularity and the technical standards of the website being the main ranking factors. What Google search results don’t do, is rank companies in order of their on the job performance.

Here is a checklist of 5 things to look for when drawing up a shortlist of suitable office fitout companies.

1. Does the website work?

Do the page links work?  Are images displayed correctly and do they load quickly? Is the site navigation clear and easy to use?  If the answers are no – discard it.  Companies who cannot deliver a stable, problem-free website will be unsuitable for the complex challenges of an office fit-out.

2. Is the website up to date?

When was the website created? If it is more than two years old – discard it.  Office fitout companies who are not continually updating their website are not on top of their business.

3. Is it clear what the company does?

Is the website written in plain English or is it filled with technical jargon?  Focus on websites where the company is clear on what it offers and avoid websites that list multiple offers.  If the website is not easy to understand and lacks focus, chances are the company’s communication during a project won’t be clear either.

4. Experience counts!

Does the website set out their experience credentials? Start by looking at websites where the company has been in business for at least 10 years. This will remove inexperienced companies and start–ups.  Make sure the website has projects featured which are similar to your own, completed for a recognisable list of clients.

5. Responsive?

Does the company respond to your inquiry within 24 hours?  If they can’t perform this simple task promptly, how well will they perform on your project?  No matter how busy they are, they should value your time as a potential client and be responsible (and organised) enough to get back to you promptly.