Are quiet rooms really necessary ?


Peace and calm: Quiet rooms can be an oasis in an open-plan desert. Photo: Mrsiraphola via

In a word: yes.

The trend in office design recently has been towards open-plan work environments. Set aside the peripheral problems open-plan layouts can cause – loss of privacy, loss of identity, low productivity – and the main problem is lack of concentration caused by noise, in particular, speech.

One of the most efficient ways of tackling this is to introduce quiet rooms. Think of the quiet room as an oasis of peace and calm in an open-plan desert.  Use it for detailed tasks requiring high levels of concentration or for creative work where a clear mind is necessary.

Locate the quiet room away from busy areas in the office and, most importantly, communicate to staff where it is and what it is to be used for. Develop a booking system for the room and be careful it doesn’t become someone’s “office”.



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