7 things to remember when planning an office fitout

Put together a team who can help plan the office fitout and share the responsability Photo: via shutterstock.com

Put together a team who can help plan the office fitout Photo: via shutterstock.com


Planning an office fitout? Don’t forget the items on the checklist below!


  1. Think about the ‘end’ before you ‘start’. Although you are planning a new office, look at your lease ‘make good’ clause now. Understand that if you change the existing floor, walls and ceilings of your new office, you will have to return them to their original condition at the end of your lease. So, not only will you have paid to change them for the fit out, but you will have to pay to reinstate them at the end of your lease. – you will have paid twice! For example do we really need a ‘special floor finish’ in reception or can we just use the existing carpet. After all, if the ‘existing carpet’ is not there at the end of your lease you, will have to find a piece and re-install it after removing your special floor Talk this issue through with your designer. It is important and has serious financial implications.
  2. Leave enough time to complete the fit out.  All projects are different, some more complex than others and each takes a different period of time to complete. Talk to your fit out contractor and get a professional opinion on how long your project will take.
  3. Set up a committee if necessary to handle all the internal organisational issues but don’t ask individual staff members for input. If you do this the project will never get built.
  4. Your new office will probably not have blinds on the external windows (not landlord’s responsibility!!!). Make sure you include these in your fit out scope of works for the windows that let the sun in. It will keep the staff happy and you will save on energy costs. Sun path diagrams are widely available on the internet to help you decide which windows will be affected by the sun at any time during the day.
  5. Online shopping is increasing rapidly in popularity and this means lots more courier parcel deliveries to the office. Design in facilities to receive and store staff parcel deliveries. It shouldn’t be necessary – but it will be.
  6. Most new phone systems operate on VoIP. This means that you can delete the traditional data outlet (and save the cost of $150 per outlet) for your phone at each work point. With a staff of fifty, the overall cost saving could be $10,000.00 if you also include the savings in patch panels and rack space.
  7. Have all lockable storage units master keyed.  Avoids calling the locksmith ($100) every time a staff member loses a key. This is only a simple thing to remember, but cabinets or desks that can’t be unlocked can have a major impact on your business.


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