The 5 numbers to know for an office design


Where to start?: Proposals from three different companies is a good beginning. Photo: Helga Wigandt via

Get three separate proposals from office design and fit-out companies before signing any agreement for your project.   Most experienced companies will be willing to showcase their design ideas and talk to you about costs before you commit.


Australian Standard 2006: all glass installed in your office partitions must comply with this standard.  It specifies procedures for the design, selection and installation of glass in commercial buildings and your local council will require certification from the glazing contractor that the glass used complies with the standard. It will also protect you against any associated workplace health and safety risks.


That’s the average number of days the City of Sydney says it takes to approve a development application. My experience with Council for office design and fitout projects is for an approval time of around just 30 days.

The number of weeks between ordering your office workstations and the installation being complete and ready for use.   This assumes it is a bespoke office design solution and standard (in stock) products cannot be utilised.


400 lux is the recommended interior light level for routine office work based on the  Australian Standard AS 1680-1990. Other areas within the office, such as  detailed desk work have higher recommended levels, and others, like corridors have lower ones.


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