Paul Slater’s office..


On the job: A sports stadium is often the “office” for Paul Slater (far right). Photo: Paul Slater

I really don’t have a typical day in my job – every day is different depending on what I’m working on. Yesterday I was travelling to work on a sporting broadcast, and my day looked like this…

8am: Wake up. I’m a night person so often don’t go to sleep before midnight.

Mid-morning: Hastily pack an overnight bag, call a taxi and rush to the airport leaving enough time to go to the Qantas lounge  for a quick coffee before boarding my  flight.

Lunch: Usually on a plane, depending on where I’m going. If it’s a quick flight to Melbourne or Brisbane I’ll eat lunch with the producer and commentators at a cafe before heading to the sporting ground.

Mid-afternoon: I’m at the ground where the game is due to commence. I meet up with the local freelance crew and run through the broadcast with them and do technical checks.

Evening: Directing the game involves me sitting in an outside broadcast truck.  The truck Fox Sports hires from a facilitator is basically a mobile control room.  I have all the camera feeds as well as replay feeds in front of me. I choose which one to take live to air at the appropriate moment. We’re usually on air for about two hours, if you include any pre- and post-game shows. After we’re off air we cover the press conference before I clear all the crew to start packing up.

11pm: This is when I usually leave the ground, the go back to the hotel and have a quick beer with the commentators and producer before going to bed.


Daily Grind

Mornings are … always a rush.

An iPad is … a good way to waste time!

Coffee is … my friend.

Airports are … a place I try to spend as little time in as possible.

Newspapers are … old school.

Work is … not work when you love what you do!

Offices are … always an interesting place when you work in the media.

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