Paul Harvey’s office …


How to work and play. Paul on the terrace at the Angove McLaren Vale Winery Photo: Freya Lombardo

Wake up: 7ish, breakfast straight away, organise children for school.

Early morning: Arrive at the vineyards and start on the email trail.

Mid-morning: Our first customers of the day generally come for coffee. We’re told we have the best coffee in the district. We only serve freshly ground single origin Ethiopian Sidamo bean coffee. It’s certified organic and sourced through the international Fairtrade program.

Lunch: McLaren Vale has 4 bakeries so I usually grab a good pastie with plenty of pumpkin and pepper.

Mid-afternoon: A popular wine tasting time – many guests choose complement their wine tasting with our regional platters or cheese plates.

End of Day: We close for business at 5pm. No matter how hectic the day has been, once we have the cellar door and vineyards to ourselves it’s a very special place, particularly over autumn and winter. A glass of wine on the terrace is sometimes a treat.

Evening: At home with the family – we have dinner together which I feel is very important.

10pm: Spending time with my wife.

Daily Grind

Mornings are … getting kids to school
An iPad is … useful and frustrating all at the same time
Coffee is … wasted on me even though I am a trained barista!
Airports are … where planes take off and land
Newspapers are … very seldom read
Work is … full of good people
Offices are … stunning – some people are very fortunate!


If you would like to find out more about Angove McLaren Vale Winery and Cellar Door visit their website here or follow them on Twitter @AngoveWine


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