Save thousands in re-location costs, by letting us refurbish your existing office.

Our office re-design and office refurbishment service will give you all the benefits of a new office, without the inconvenience and cost of moving. Our re-design will free up space for other uses, such as collaboration zones, some breakout areas or even a sublet space. Remember, morale, then productivity, will suffer (as well as your business profits) if your staff are working in an uninspiring space. The process of re-designing and refurbishing your office is exactly the same as our new office service, apart from the following special considerations:

Super planning

Technically it is challenging to maintain business continuity in the middle of what will really be a ‘building site’. This is where our experience from previous projects comes in. We know what the problems and issues we will be before we start and plan accordingly. Contingencies and then contingencies for the contingency are developed to make sure that every possible event is planned for.

Business continuity guaranteed.

Unless we can guarantee business continuity, it makes no sense to refurbish an occupied space. All our building works are carried out at nights and at the weekends. When your staff stop working, that’s when we start our work. There is never an overlap. We work around you, not on top of you.

Stay on-line and connected, always.

Most refurbishment projects will involve some alterations, upgrades and additions to your IT systems. In fact, it can be a really good time to carry out this type of work. Continuity of services, protection of data and systems, inbound and outbound communications will all be maintained during your refurbishment, with only planned ‘downtime’ for your systems.

Great opportunity to improve energy efficiency.

This can be a good time to introduce new energy efficiency technology into your existing office. Automatic lighting systems, LED’s for halogens, updated air conditioning controls, power saving devices, etc. can all be installed during the refurbishment.  Just some examples, to show that even with a refurbishment, you can still take advantage of the latest energy saving technologies.

Refresh your furniture – don’t throw it away.

This is a great time to go ‘green’. Yes, from an interior design perspective, it is always better to start with a ‘blank’ sheet – you simply have more design choices available to you. However, we can refresh your existing workstations, meeting tables, reception desk, kitchen, etc. at a fraction of the cost of new and at the same time make a positive contribution to the environment. Save money and be environmentally responsible – what a great outcome.

Keeping everyone safe.

Safety is our number 1 priority.  As well as protecting our own team, we also have to protect your staff as well. How do we do this? This is a complex process and requires a lot of planning and expertise, but in simple terms, we always ensure that there is a solid physical barrier between the work site and your staff at all times. We also conduct safety briefings for your staff so that everyone has an understanding of what they should and should not do during the refurbishment.