5 Important Design Elements To Consider For Your Reception Fitout.

With your reception area fitout, first impressions count. It is your first contact point for the internal marketing of your business. It communicates how you go about your business and sets the tone for your company. In every office design, this space is crucial to transmit a positive message about how you value your customers and your employees.

1. Company signage

You should always be able to see the company sign before you enter reception. It is frustrating for clients to have to search around lift lobbies or entrance areas to find a business.

2. Appropriate furniture

Select good quality commercial furniture for your waiting chairs and tables. Keep well clear of residential furniture because it gives a more ‘domestic’ rather than a ‘business’ look to the reception area.

3. Set the lighting

The level and colour of the lighting is critical to the appearance of the reception area. Avoid harsh, bright, white fluorescents and install warmer whites, perhaps in pendants, table or floor lamps, or in feature LED’s. Warmer and softer lighting will always create a more welcoming atmosphere.

4. Manage deliveries and pick ups

Provide a dedicated area for deliveries and pick-ups. Avoid at all costs having mail left on the reception counter, reception floor or even the visitor coffee tables. It should be hidden, but still accessible.

5. Separate the reception area from the work area

Don’t greet visitors with a view of the rest of the office because you don’t want a client viewing any ‘non–work’ activities the staff maybe engaged in!  Also it is simply good practice from a commercial confidentiality point of view, that the contents of screens and desks should not be viewable by visitors.

Remember, a great reception area is your best chance to make a really positive first impression.