Office fitout: the surprising opportunities that come from moving office

Leap out of the fish bowl - moving office can transform your business

Leap out of the fish bowl – moving office can transform your business


It’s a major task for any business to move office. It is often likened to some sort of planning and logistical nightmare. However it doesn’t have to be.  With a positive, proactive approach to the task, this can be a real opportunity for refreshing a business, both internally amongst the staff and externally with its customers. Read on!

Refresh Your Brand

This is a great opportunity to look at your brand in detail. In particular, this is an opportunity to align your new office interior design more closely to your brand and its core message. Don’t forget that the location, the building entrance and lifts as well as the interior design of the offices all play an important part in how your company (brand) is perceived by your customers.

Work Smarter

If a business hasn’t moved in the last three years, the chances are their existing office will be mostly open plan with a few executive offices and meeting rooms. Casual areas will probably be a kitchen or lunch room. When you move office, you have the opportunity to look in detail at how your workspace supports your business.  It is time to provide different types of spaces for different work activities. Think about creating private, quiet areas for work which requires high levels of concentration and casual areas for collaborative work.  What about reducing your meeting rooms? A lot of meeting rooms are underutilised and often too large for the purpose.

Boost Morale

Your new office interior will send out a clear message to your existing staff that your business is succeeding through their contribution. If the business is successful, by association they are successful, thus improving morale – call it the ‘feel-good’ factor.  Also better office interiors should attract a better calibre of prospective employees.

Implement the Latest Technology

Most offices use technology which has been altered, added to and upgraded progressively over a period of time.  A move to a new office is the perfect opportunity to evaluate your needs and to introduce the latest technologies available.

To get the most out of your move, only use a professional design and fit out company to assist you. An office move is a complex and costly process and is not something that should be undertaken without the appropriate level of qualified support.

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