What great office design can achieve?

The 21st century workspace should support and enable a business to face its challenges and achieve its goals. Investing in office design is not just about creating a great place to work, but it is also about ‘marketing’ your business to your clients.

Entrance interiors and client facing areas should reflect a culture of trust, innovation, experience and professionalism, as well as being warm, friendly and relaxed. All these elements, promote the ethos that this is a business working ‘with’ their Clients, rather than ‘for’ their Clients.

For the staff working areas, we believe the workspace should not just be one open plan area. We design offices to fit the task, as well as to fit the space. Quiet, private spaces for work requiring high levels of concentration to the more open plan, casual areas for collaborative type tasks.

Executed correctly, interior design is a powerful marketing tool and can be very effective in persuading clients to place their trust in a particular business.

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