Our office design process will minimise your fit out costs, enhance your corporate image, re-motivate your staff and transform your business.

We specialise in office design and develop interior office design solutions to enable businesses to attract and retain highly skilled, technical and creative professionals. Our 21st century office design responds to the trends in flexible working with design solutions such as adaptable spaces, hotelling, video conferencing and dynamic mobile technologies. This is how our office design process works:

Start Up – Taking the Brief

Understanding the objectives is the key to a successful office design. Our meticulous analysis of your business will not only identify your main goals for the project, but will also define image, functionality, teaming arrangements, equipment and technology needs and any special facilities. The project budget and time scheduling will also be discussed. It’s always a great idea to talk about the budget before the design process begins.

Test Fit – Space Planning

The information from the brief is developed into a series of drawings and diagrams which will show various spatial solutions. This planning process is developmental and continues until a plan evolves which meets, if not all, most of the design brief criteria. Space planning is a critical stage in the office design process. There is not point in committing to a new office space, before you find out if you fit in!

Look & Feel – Concept Design

With the space plan completed, concepts and ideas for the finishes, colours and furniture are produced. This stage is all about the “look and feel” of the office. It’s not about final product selection. Communicating effectively the design direction is one of our main strengths. We do this in a number of different, but complimentary, ways – through drawings, illustrations, product samples and 3D modelling.

Technical Stuff – Detail Design

This is where we turn the concept office design into a fully detailed interior design. Final furniture selections are made, bespoke joinery design and manufacturing details are signed off, colour selections and materials are all finalised. Every aspect of the office design now comes together and is tested, adjusted as necessary and then settled. This process will give your office the ‘polish’ that only comes with great office interior design.

Really Technical Stuff – Office Technology

There is no point in having a beautiful office interior that has not integrated all the latest office technologies. We engineer and integrate telephony, audio visual presentation equipment, specialist lighting, video conferencing facilities and so on, to give a seamless finish to your interior. The office building’s comfort and safety systems are also re-engineered to accommodate your new office design.

Project Completed – The Wash-Up

Although we are experts in office design and get most things right first time, certain unforeseen issues can arise. This may because our clients’ requirements have changed or the space is not performing as planned. Whatever the reason, our post occupation service can test user satisfaction and identify and remedy any issues that may have become evident after the office is completed and occupied.

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