Office Design: bringing privacy back to the workplace and more…

Goodbye open plan? Welcome back corner offices?

Goodbye open plan? Welcome back corner offices?

Welcome to your bite-sized collection of the best posts we have read on the world wide web this month – (you can read last month’s round-up here!).

We have seen a lot of literature on the demise of open plan and it will be interesting to see if the workplace will eventually come full circle and the corner office will be coveted

once again. Enjoy!

  1. Beyond open plan: bringing privacy back to the workplace via Metropolis Magazine “Designers have been creating open plan workplaces, many with acoustic problems and a debilitating lack of privacy. Design firms and manufacturers are now attempting to scale this back, searching for a happy medium that allows both spirited collaboration and private reflection.”
  2. We want walls: the future of office design and the demise of open plan via The Telegraph “More and more, designers and employers are choosing layouts which attempt to combine the best of both worlds – the quietness of cubicle offices with the creativity-friendly egalitarianism of open-plan.”
  3. Health and the future of workplace design via Work Design Magazine “As designers we are about to be bombarded with questions from our clients about health. More specifically they want to know “why should they care?” For one thing, it’s better business to have more engaged, alert, and happy staff.”