Questions we are usually asked:

How many years fitout experience do your executives have?

Colin and Jane have over 40 years combined experience in office design and fitout.

Are your terms of business flexible?

Very. Our contracts are always structured to meet both our clIents and our requirements.

Will your senior managers be working on my project?

Always. Colin personally oversees all projects andJane will take your project through the design process.

What is the management focus in an office fitout project?

Apart from safety, project planning is what we focus on the most. If we plan correctly, the project will be a success.

Who will be my point of contact throughout the fitout?

Jane will be your formal point of contact for the whole project. However, we encourage our clients to engage with our team members at any time.

How do you keep us informed of progress?

Weekly meetings during the design stage.  During construction, we have regular site meetings to look at progress, discuss changes and any other current issues.  Live webcam feeds are available for you to check progress from anywhere in the world.  This is great for our international clients. We always encourage our clients to get involved and we facilitate this involvement throughout the project.

What happens if we want to make changes during the fitout?

The procedure for making changes will be detailed in your contract. From a practical point of view, we have the organisation, flexibility and resources to quickly accommodate any changes you may require.

How do you identify and deal with problems?

Because we are designing the project as well as building it, most problems are identified and ‘designed out’ before construction starts. This is one of the main benefits of the design and build system. During construction we always allocate a full time site supervisor whose role is to identify any problems as they occur, report them to our building manager and assist in their resolution.

What is your attitude towards health and safety?

Uncompromising.  Safety on our work sites is our absolute No 1 priority and comes before everything else. Our culture, our systems, our training and our people all work towards an accident free work site. To date, after 400+ projects, we still have our unblemished, 100%, accident free record.

How do you manage projects in an occupied workplace?

We have undertaken many projects within an occupied work space. These can be challenging, but we always ensure one thing – a complete physical separation between our client’s staff and the work site. Minimisation of noise, dust, odours, etc. and out of hours working are all part of our normal working procedures.

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Our executive fitout team.

Colin Bradon

Managing Director

Charter Build founder and Managing Director Colin Bradon has over 35 years industry experience in commercial interior design, office fitout and construction.

Having managed complex building projects of all sizes and scale across four continents, Colin brings the best practices and systems from around the world to every facet of his work at Charter Build. Although his responsibility extends to all areas of the business, Colin remains intimately involved in every stage of every project, from first contact through to completion.


Jane Bright

Manager Design

Since joining Charter Build in 2005, Jane has developed a diverse portfolio of office design solutions. Her design approach is purpose-lead and is always undertaken with an acute awareness of function, brand and cultural requirements. Jane’s knowledge of products and processes also brings extensive and expanding experience to the Charter Build office design team.  …