Jeremy Ward does not work in an office

No day is the same for cameraman Jeremy Ward

No day is the same for cameraman Jeremy Ward

Jeremy Ward is a freelance camera man for Channel 7 and Director of multimedia production company Juicebox Productions.


Wake up: If not already booked for work, I will check my emails first thing. Then, if I can, I like to go for a bike ride.

Mid-morning: Being a cameraman, I can be working anywhere, so I am usually driving to a location.

Lunch: Depending on light and the shoot schedule, lunch could be the packet of Mentos in my pocket or an awesome Ruben sandwich from a café. More often than not it’s a packet of Mentos.

Mid-afternoon:  I am usually looking for a good location to edit images from the shoot, to then send on.

End of day: Slumped over my laptop backing up files and listening to Spotify.

Evening: Charging batteries, re-packing camera equipment, more editing, some Breaking Bad episodes, spending time with my wife Jo and golden retriever “Bosco”.


Mornings are… a chance to see new people and experience new things.

An ipad is… an autocue.

Coffee is… a triple shot in a small cup

Airports are… free office space, battery charging stations.

Newspapers are… old. Who still reads on paper?

Work is… fun, enjoyable and should always allow us to enjoy time away from it.

Offices are… for people with ties, briefcases full of crackers and who have money to spend on dead rent.


And if you had to work in an office what would it look like?

I would make the office a demountable office and put it on the back of a semi-trailer that continually drives around, so for all our breaks we can hop outside and be in a new place for morning tea, lunch!


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