We are usually asked:

How ‘green’ is Charter Build?

The environment and the impact we make on it, are very important to us. We practice what we preach.

Does ‘green’ design mean higher project costs?

Not necessarily. There are lots of things we do that have very little negative cost impact and some things we do which actually have a positive cost impact.

Will the green initiatives we choose be documented and not ‘forgotten’?

Yes.   Any choices, design decisions, etc. we decide upon will be documented and incorporated into your contract.

Is ‘indoor air quality’ a ‘green’ issue?

Yes. Lack of fresh air allows pollutants to build up to levels which may have a serious health effect on office occupants. Natural ventilation is critical to reducing the level of these pollutants.

Which are ‘greener’ – recycled or natural materials?

All materials have ‘green’ pros and cons and as such all materials will have some negative impact on the environment. As a company, where we can, we prioritise recycled before natural.

What do you do with your construction waste?

70% of all our construction waste is separated and recycled and does not go to landfill. We are working towards making this 100%.

Do the Construction Codes specify ‘green’ requirements for materials?

No. The Codes are relevant in regards to energy consumption and the well –being of the occupants, but generally the choice of materials is left up to the designer.

Should I care about being ‘green’?

Definitely. Most of us spend more than 90% of our time indoors. Therefore it makes sense to pay attention to and be aware of our indoor environment and the effects it can have on our health.

What would be the one ‘green’ item you would suggest to every client?

Build less. This will have a far greater positive environmental impact than almost anything else. It also has the added benefit of costing less too.

This all makes sense, so why isn’t everyone ‘going green’?

The answer to this question is that change is happening with more and more companies considering environmental issues in their office designs. The GFC has had a major impact in slowing the speed of change to ‘green’ solutions, but momentum is picking up once again.

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Our ‘green interiors’ credentials

Charter Build has for many years been designing and building interiors with sustainability and environmental impact at the forefront of our thinking. We have focused on material minimisation through such initiatives as adaptive re-use of resources, energy management and minimisation of waste.

We employ a range of strategies to support our environmental policy, including the selection of products made from recycled materials, solar energy and smart technology to improve the environmental efficiency of our office interiors.

By investing time and money into dedicated environmental research, we ensure that our interiors are developed through choices which are always informed and up to date with the latest products and sustainability benchmarks.

We always recommend to our clients, products for our interiors that are environmentally efficient and easily recyclable. Responsibly, our first preference is always to select products from local suppliers who integrate sustainable practices throughout all aspects of their production processes and supply chain.

And we practice what we preach, by taking steps to improve the way our own office operates and how we can reduce our environmental footprint.

Finally, sustainability and the whole ‘green’ movement can be both technically and emotionally complex and sometimes even overwhelming. At Charter Build we have stripped away a lot of the complexities and focused on working with solutions that are both cost effective and easily achievable for our clients.

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