What I know about … fabric in office fitouts


Make a statement: There are many fabrics that are durable and fashionable. Photo: Instyle Contract Textiles


Don’t use ‘any old fabric’ on your office furniture – even if it looks ‘uh-mazing’. Domestic fabrics will not stand heavy wear and tear of an office, nor will they stand the test of time. Use upholstery that is commercially rated. Commercial fabrics  have to pass strict durability and fire standards. Using the wrong type of fabric in your office will increase the possibility of visible staining and the product will wear very quickly – you’ll have to re-upholster the item or live with something that looks average.

Task seating (the chair you sit on) attracts the most wear and tear in an office. It is closely followed by furniture that is used in breakout areas. The pattern and colour is insignificant when looking at upholstery for these items. What is important is whether the product is durable and can be cleaned easily.

Yes, you can clean fabric easily. Just stick  to the cleaning instructions that arrive with your new furniture. Prevention is best, but you can choose a “krypton” fabric that can simply be wiped clean, which is great for breakout areas. If you opt for wool or felt, using a stain and water repellent (such as Scotchgard) will make a huge difference.

Commercial fabrics can look   ‘uh-mazing’ tooIf you think commercial fabric is what is used on most RSL lounges, you’re right. But don’t be fooled – there are many more options available. Commercial fabrics in office fitouts can be tactile – think wools and felts; they can make statement –  neon spots or silver zig-zags; or they can add gravitas to your office -think leather that won’t sag.

For more information visit: www.instyle.com.au


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