The Haydenshapes Office


Daily grind: Hayden in his workshop. Photo: Hayden Cox

Wake Up: I start the day with an hours’ surf in the morning. I usually take this opportunity to product test new designs and board shapes that I have been working on, or to simply relax and kickstart my day.

Mid-morning: Roll into our LA (or Sydney – depending where I am) factory and hop into the shaping bay for a couple of hours to finish shaping some boards for our team riders or new up and coming model prototypes. I’ll also do customer boards depending on how busy my day is looking. Shaping is definitely my favourite part of my job as it is both creative and mathematical.

Lunch: I normally grab a bite to eat with my fiance Danielle, who heads up the marketing and brand direction for Haydenshapes – we also run the business together. We normally get something pretty healthy and debrief on the key happenings in the business. If I have time, Ill try and get a second surf in!

Mid-afternoon: I usually sort through the copious amounts of emails that flood through daily from international distributors, suppliers and various other people. I’ll get through all of the important ones, then at around 3pm LA time, Australia wakes up and starts for the day. I usually get on the phone to our team there for a quick “work in progress” meeting.

End of Day: I  try and grab a drink or dinner somewhere around Venice Beach and catch up with a few friends.  There is a bit of an Aussie hub there, which is pretty fun. The classic “Dive Bar” Hinano’s on Washington is good for beer and banter. Otherwise, we cook at home and switch off for the day.

Evening: Around 30 min’s of “Netflix” then off to bed relatively early.


Daily grind:

Mornings are… for surfing and being active. I’m not one to really sleep in.

An iPad is… a pretty smart invention, but I’m all about the iMac… Supersized.

Coffee is…  for those who are addicted. Luckily I’m not one of them.

Airports are… like a second home to me these days. I spend way too much time coming in and out of them at the moment.

Newspapers are… approaching extinction. Save trees and read online.

Work is… a huge part of life. Do what makes you happy – something that you are passionate about. Life is too short.

Offices are… something that gives me anxiety if I spend too much time in them. I need to be on the move.

And finally… if you had to work in an office, what would it look like? A shaping bay and lamination room that opened out onto a beach of perfect waves? On the other hand, I’d need a quiet space to get on top of the operations and running of the business. I guess that’s why I’m not really the office type.

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