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At the markets: “The sights and smells of gorgeous fresh flowers is enough to put life into me.” Photo: © JK Blackwell /

Wake up: On market days – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – it’s a real struggle to get up at 4am.  But when the doors open there is such a buzz that I’m buzzing along with everyone else.  And of course, experiencing the sights and smells of gorgeous fresh flowers is enough to put life into me.

Mid-morning: After being up from 4am I need a snack.  I try for something healthy but I invariably end up eating something sugary and scrumptious.

Lunch: I normally have a salad on the go.  There’s never time to sit down.

Mid-afternoon: There’s a lot of yawning happening at this time of day unless I’ve been able to have a power nap at some point.

End of Day: I manage to leave here on time most days.  And even if I’m a little late it’s because I have an arrangement to do or I’m having a lovely chat with one of my gorgeous neighbours or customers.

Evening: After dinner it’s crash and burn time.  I’m usually in bed by 9pm but sometimes I make to 9:30.

Daily Grind

Mornings are … a struggle until I get to the markets.
An iPad is … something I really need to buy.
Coffee is … something other people are addicted to.  I’ve never had a taste for it.
Airports are … exciting, fun, a great place; imagine where all these people are going and the adventures they’ll be having.  I love airports.
Newspapers are … obsolete.
Work is … fun, beautiful, inspiring.  I love my job.
Offices should be … inspirational places.  I can’t imagine working in a space where I’m not inspired.

If you did have to work in an office, what is the one thing you would hope the space had?  Lots and lots of flowers, or at least a flower arrangement on the front desk.  

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