5 lessons office designers can learn from their barista.


1. Inside your head

Any good barista worth their salt will know your name and coffee order. They will remember you. They will know exactly how many shots you like and when you prefer the milk to be added. Yup, that’s right. They are customer-focused. And this is how your designer should be – attentive, excellent at listening and able to build your words into a masterpiece that will suit your business needs. A designer should act on what you ask for in the brief and should never be precious about their ideas.

2. Passionate about your project

The baristas who make the best coffees are the ones who love drinking coffee, smelling coffee, tasting new coffee and learning about coffee. They love their job. Your designer should be equally as passionate about your project as you are. Not because it may win them an award or elevate their career, but because they are naturally enthusiastic and on board with your vision.  Accept nothing less.

3. It’s all in the detail

A skilled barista not only makes sensational coffee, but sweeps the floor, cleans the coffee machine and washes the milk jug. That’s right, a barista knows that this is part of their job and accepts this wholeheartedly. Designers love ‘conceptualising’ – pulling images together, sketching and creating impressive diagrams – but make sure that once this stage is over, they are equally as interested in the grunt work i.e. the drawings, the plans, the council applications, the furniture quotes. You don’t want a designer who goes cold on you once the grit kicks in. There is nothing more frustrating than getting half way through a fit-out to find your designer has lost interest.

4. The extra mile

Baristas are up at 5am to start getting your coffee ground, warmed and ready. Early mornings? No problem. Order to be delivered? Too easy. Quick espresso before you dash? It’s in your hand. A designer who wants to reach your goal of creating the best space for your business will be no different. Meetings at the crack of dawn before the work day commences? No worries. Updates as to how the project is running? Happy to communicate. Your designer, after all, should be making your life easier, not harder.

5. Consistency is key

Baristas know what you want and they give it to you, time and time again. They understand that if they get it wrong, you may be off across the road to the competitor of their nightmares. Your designer should also service you with as much conscientious allegiance. Don’t be fooled by a clever pitch of over-promises. Make sure you can trust your designer to follow through once the work has been commissioned.

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